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So I bought a that very Glock from Toronto Airsoft before the holidays when it was on sale, so lemme add some thoughts for you.

1) Shipping was questionable - came in a box with a single lair of foam and the gun loose inside. My assumption is the G18 package Toronto sold me (Pistol + Barrel Extension + Silencer + Original Barrel) was something they were putting together in-store and shipping out. It was not broken or damaged, but I expect if I didn't live two hours away, it might have been with more time in the postal system.

2) The gun feels amazing - This Glock is very light, and yet sturdy. Dis-assembly is easy, and working on the gun feels comfortable. The slide is smooth, mag release is good, and all-in-all the gun feels just right for me. For a side-arm, it's weighted perfectly.

3) It shoots nicely - It's no beast out of the box, chorno'ing at 360ish with .2s, but it will certainly do the job. Full Auto is smooth, and works as intended.

All in all, a good purchase for me in the $150 range. If you're looking for a handcannon that will break chronos out of the box, look elsewhere, but if you want something that is light, reliable and works well as a fall-back weapon or CQB clearer, you should be happy with it.
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