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14yr old getting airsoft guns

I'm new to this forum and new to airsoft in general even though I own several airsoft guns. I read the debate over this young man getting airsoft guns and had to chime in. I understand that 18 is the age to buy these weapons but young people get them through their parents. In Ontario boys and girls at the age of 12 can take a hunter safety course and get their apprenticeship card which allows them to legally handle and hunt with real steel firearms provided they are under the direct supervision of a person who is fully licensed. This being said I believe that if this young man's parents feel he is responsible enough to buy the weapons for him then who are we to judge. If people want to see change then maybe the airsoft world can get together and lobby for a safety and apprenticeship program modeled after the real steel version. This may put people a little more at ease with our growing sport but then again there are those amongst us that believe people who like airsoft, hunting or any so called violent sport shouldnt be allowed to do it, just my two cents worth.
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