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I don't know about eye protection too much..but what I did after buying a pair of Valken Serria goggles for 25 bucks, is to get my 400fps AK, and shot it multiple times at point blank range. Although the goggles are stamped with all the certification, but I was to make sure a cheap set wasn't faked by the chinese factories and break easily. After the test, I concluded a cheap set still works since there is not even a scratch on the lens. So I wouldn't go so far for a $100 dollar goggles..(I can't really return it either way since I bought it from Toronto and I live in Vancouver)

The only thing I really hate in my setup is the same face mask you had in the picture..It's such a pain to put on..And since I'm asian, my face doesn't really work either..I had to go and cut the wires to fit a little better.

Perosnally, I enjoy to wear Columbia hiking boots. Since I have like 3 pairs, I just wear them to play so I don't have to spend extra..I usually wear my least favorite one lol..but ankle support is so good in outdoors, people trip and fall like every game..I almost did once..

If you are going milsim, you need BDU..I don't because I only have time for some drop in games, so I just wear tan jacket and jeans or tan cargo. USA has some cheap BDUs..Although the quality of those unknown brands are a question.
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