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Might have to do with their molded insole. My sizing is correct by the 'toe poke' method, but it's kind of ramped at the front so I can understand where people may feel it seems tight (vs a standard flat toe).
It oddly enough feels like they 'toe in' and grip like a climbing shoe because of this, and people who aren't used to purpose-made hikers/ climbers would find this foreign.
The upside is that breaking into a run is instantaneous and I feel like I could climb 10ft of chainlink fence without thinking about it.

I've done plenty of daily stuff and even worked in these, my feet are 100% a-okay, and the boots aren't even broken in yet. YMMV but I'd say they're spot on, if unconventional.

Sorry for gushing like a satisfied prom date, but they really are pretty phenomenal. They work like a combat boot but they have that feeling only climbers do where they're like a layer of extra skin that you just forget about.
If they had a version that was CSA compliant I'd wear nothing else.

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