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I wouldn't call WE glock terrible at the same time I wouldnt call them the best. Then if you upgrade some of the internals parts you could have a pretty decent item.

I have an upgraded WE G17 gen 4 with an aftermarket slide, barrel and return spring. It works and I feel that I have no need to buy a TM glock. That being said you have a WE G18, I dont have much experience with one. Although I hear you are more likely to run into mechanical problem in the hammer group.

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Spring guide mod is a must on the we auto glocks. I am hoping to do a 3 year review on mine. I own a real glock and the we glock is closest IMO. Only thing to break on mine was the outer barrel cracked. I jb welded it before it broke off. Good to go now. I havent even gone through a nozzle yet.
How is the font post screw holding up on your WE glock? Also you said that the WE glock is closest to the real glock. How does the trigger pull compare? I hear that the KWA/KSC glock trigger was closer to the real glock trigger. Although I was never able to compare in person.
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