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Ehhh...... Toss them in the garbage and get some real goggles.

I'm sure you have a lot more life experience than I do, you only have 1 set of eyes. The Revision ballistics can be had for as low as $90-100, and if you need prescription the RX carrier is only $20-25 and the cheapest lenses from your optometrist should be about $100 (usually cheaper model Essilor, Zeiss, or Nikon lenses assuming non high index and single vision).

I also noticed you bought extra CO2 mags, you can use green gas magazines in that pistol, it's "CO2 version" for other reasons, they have an extra cutout to fit the CO2 canister in the pistol grip (because it's too wide for the mag). I remember those shooting something like 420 FPS on the first few shots off a fresh CO2 canister then normalizing to ~370-380. Way too hot for CQB (and way too hot if you need to engage below your MED's which is what the pistol is for).
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