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Whatever you want to be honest.

Those ballistics you have there they look like the Revision Desert Locust am I right? They're solid, I haven't used them much but my brother runs them. You basically have everything that's required.

As for footwear, civilian hiking boots in a subdued colour with ankle protection are good enough, and that's what I'm running lately (Salomon GTX from Atmosphere for $99, I think they have the sale still going on for another couple days). I've used them for 1 game but time will tell about summer use, someone else on here was telling me that I'm going to hate myself for buying the goretex if I step in water and they go over because the water will be trapped inside the boot. Find something that you like though, Converse, Oakley, Bates, etc. they're all good you just need to find something comfortable.
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