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Like thunder said above...upgrade as you need. I also picked up a new R8-L and was pretty ansy to make it look like something out of a movie. After some more research (and realizing the prices) I determined it's better to stick it out with what I have now and get some experience playing and then get what you see neccessary.

Obviously picking up a sight, some extra mags and things like such will only help, but before you go buying bipods that you won't use or two lasers, and a flashlight only to find out you wont be playing in any games in the future that require such externals.

Again, I'm just transitioning to the sport too... so I might be slightly off with my opinion, but with a limit budget for now, Ill focuse on getting things that make your day at the field alittle easier like a solid pair of boots or I just picked up a comfy chest rig with MOLLE to customize it to my likings.

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That's excellent logic you're spinning there;

By the same reasoning, my car's gastank is "rated" for 40L, so I should be able to magically force 10% more gas in for 44L.
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