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Originally Posted by bradmc View Post
Check out toronto airsoft. They seem the cheapest. I bought a ton of stuff there. You are right, is ridiculous beyond all words and badlands is OK, but limited everything. Airsoft businesses have difficulty importing, and have to jump through legal hoops to get their stock in. They also run the risk of having shipments upright seized. I am not saying that you should not spend your hard earned money wisely, I am just bringing up something not a lot of people consider.
I bought my stuff from toronto airsoft before. But thats an 300 dollar order which granted me free shipping. Without free shipping, it's like 20-30 bucks just for shipping. Buying from USA most of the time free shipping for orders around 100 bucks, and that comes in 10 days or so. It's weird when the shipping is fast and cheap that came all the way from a warehouse in Texas up to the canadian border. I think the only canadian airsoft shop that got my business are mostly toronto based stores..

I never buy guns from down there..even tho a lot of people have told me that's fine when you are certain it's more than the legal fps and j..but the risk sometimes are just not worth it. Unless Evike or other airsoft sites are doing extreme discounts that basically isn't worth much to began with to test your luck. I never go pick it up tho, only gears and report them as clothing which they are; rather not lose my nexus and get listed. Working fine so far, and saved a bunch of money this way
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