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Tactical-Mod Industries has been specializing in manufacturing and selling paintball guns since 2010. Our company has state of the art CNC machining centers and lathes, using the most advanced technology in production. . We have high-tech production equipment in asia and extensive experience in manufacturing paintball parts. We are fully dedicated to the highest quality development, production, assembly, and testing. All of our products are 100% guaranteed.

By overseeing the quality control during production, and utilizing our many years of manufacturing and assembling experience, we have learned how to understand and fulfill our customers' needs for paintball parts and successfully resolving all related technical issues.
No contact info anywhere except an email on their facebook

quick search brings up that paintballers have had much the same issue with the site
My order from

according to their facebook
they've been around since at least 2007
from their facebook
Our headquarters are located in Shenzen,China and we have warehouses in Canada and United States.
No physical store just warehouses

Doesnt look like a trustworthy operation.
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