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Warning to all about online airsoft retailer:

(Dear Mods, if this thread is in the wrong place, I'm sorry, and please help me move it to where it can do the most good. I want to warn people about this store so they don't get into the same situation)

(Also, yep...I know I made a lot of really dumb mistakes in my situation)

I ordered a CYMA brand AK and one midcap mag from online retailer Tactical-Mod on October 10 with Paypal, an order worth over $200. Order status continually shows as pre-processing and had not yet been shipped for weeks. I email the store to inquire. They said that it was backordered, even though it clearly showed as "in stock" when i ordered it (and which I'm sure still shows as in stock on their website).

Fair enough, I don't mind waiting.
So i wait... until well after they said it would arrive at their store and yet it still doesnt get shipped to me. A few days later I email them again and they assure me that they were waiting on a CYMA shipment to come in and that it would be at their store soon. I wait a couple of more weeks with no news, no email. So I email again, and this is where the emails start getting scarce. I begin suspecting they might just take my money and cut off contact so I start a Paypal dispute.

Once the Paypal dispute is on, Tactical-Mod replies to it right away, saying something to the effect of "Oh the funds are held up because of the dispute... we can't ship it unless you cancel the dispute..the items have arrived and are ready to ship anytime at our store...etc".
At this point my lack of experience and nerve shows BIG TIME. I just really want my items. Stupidly, I believe their story and cancel the dispute. This screws me over obviously cause I can't start another dispute after cancelling the first one.

After I cancel the dispute, Tactical-mod emails me and says that they will "get their shipping manager to update me asap". This was their last communication to me ever and was sent to me on November 12. It is now Dec. 28, and Tactical-mod has NOT responded to any of my emails I have sent them since. I have since called Paypal and my CC company and have started a dispute process with my CC company in an attempt to at least get my money back. I can pretty much now say that Tactical-Mod has stolen my money. The CC Company says that their process takes months, so I will not be getting my money back if at all for a long time.


- I ordered items (1 Cyma AK AEG, 1 midcap) with online retailer on 10 Oct 2014
- Items did not and to this date (28 Dec 2014) *have not* shipped.
- Paypal dispute started and really stupidly, ended, by me.
- 12 Nov 2014: Tactical Mod claims items are availabe and says they will update me when they ship them. This is their last email to me.
- ignores all further emails, effectively stealing my money.
- Paypal/CC company contacted, statement dispute with CC company started
- Avoid this retailer like the plague
- I learn that I shouldn't order from no-name retailers online, even with Paypal.
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