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That's not exactly the case.... Tippmann has the TPX. Empire has an M4 and MP5 lookalike, Dye has some, I'm sure I've seen a JT marker that looks like a pistol or rifle etc.

And where does this magic number come from? If you got hit by a .68 cal. ball and a .43 cal. ball going at the same speed, which will hurt more? And do you honestly believe that fields will allow a "366" FPS .68 cal marker on the field? Velocity is only one part of the equation, mass is the second component which allows you to get an energy otherwise I could use .40g BB's to bring down the velocity of my rifles to pass chrono. There's a reason why everyone uses a standard .20g to chrono.
You would never be able to old up a 7-11 with a Delta elite or a tpx. Unless is is 2998 and you are robocop. Airguns, .43 cal markers included need to fire at a velocity over 366 fps and hit with adequate force out of the box otherwise they are considered replicas. Rap4 pistols are practically identical to the real things. They are training weapons for law enforcement and do not meet the FPS requirement and look and behave too much like real firearms. These guns simple fail too many categories to be considered legal in Canada.

Interesting opinion piece

RCMP press release

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