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Red dot: I completely agree with your point about Dietz, I really do. However, I wasn't talking about impersonating a specific individual, let alone one that died in combat.

Ricochet: I agree with you as well. But, can't the same be applied to a uniform as well? It has to be earned too. And all the hardships, sacrifices, doesn't the uniform stand for those? Now, do we react when we see someone wearing issued Russian, Chinese, British or US uniform? We only tend to converge on those wearing issue CADPAT. A lot of those who go after the guys wearing patches actually sport issue CADPAT themselves. Is THAT necessary? Wouldn't knock off do? Do we react when someone has US army recon patch on his shoulders? If you're the guy that reacts the same to wearing ANY of the real items, then I can understand you. I may not agree with you, I don't get offended but I understand those who do. If not, then it just goes to what I originally said, which is that we only react when the real items can be misunderstood for impersonating, and it usually means something to do with CF. I've been to many games, and I've seen many times questions raised about CF items, never yet about any foreign military's, and I've seen a lot of foreign patches around, patches that also had to be earned.
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