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Funny how it's always about what is earned, yet I have never seen anyone complain about someone's spetznaz, GROM, or SAS patch. Take off recon, sniper, or ranger tabs too while you're at it, those are earned as well. No SWAT either please, unless you really are one. May as well take them off your team's name/patch. Maroon beret has to be earned, and even if no capbadge it's a big no no? I thought any beret or other military headwear is earned and represents something. The problem in this community isn't about using what has to be earned, but rather what can be misunderstood. How many of you will believe some 19 year old in russian uniform wearing spetznaz patch at an airsoft game is trying to impersonate such member, oher than just for a game purpose? I'm sure we all think he likes and respects them, hence wears the patch. But when you see some local unit's patch then the guy's clearly disrespectful. It's a GAME, gents. Ok, if someone is wearing stuff outside game perimeters, I get it, and I agree. If someone is wearing stuff at the game, and is either saying or implying in any way that he is something that he's not - I get it! But if someone wants to wear a maroon beret just for the game, what's the harm in that? Why do we always jump into the conclusion that wearing something (usually local) is automatically intent to impersonate/disrespect? I'd rather feel honoured to see someone sport my team colours in the field.
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