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I might have to agree with your last post but not this one when it comes to money..
I usually order from if the price is similar(usually $5-$10 difference), or else order from The problem with Vancouver, is that airsoft item prices are jacked up so much that I'm just like wtf..The same item can be 30-40 dollars cheaper in the USA..Even with conversion it's still worth the 20 dollars u save. I'm not even counting tax, cause I don't really have much against the 12% tax since it fuels our services. I don't know how much business pay to import all their stuff, since I don't do business importation. Either way it's expensive.

although $10 don't seem much, but when you buy like 10 items that are $10 more each, you lose $100 that could of been used towards something else. If local business cannot keep up to lower the price point, well, you lose the customer, that is business my friend.

Just look at milsig, trigger airsoft. These are really overpriced stores, even warface who doesn't really have a website is overpriced when I walked in. Badlands is okay, but they don't have enough airsoft stock to keep me there.

On the side note, milsig's "sale events" are a joke, a pistol priced at $499.99, drop the price to $99.99. A Google search that pistol is about 100 anywhere in Canada on regular price. All their sales make me laugh.

Check out toronto airsoft. They seem the cheapest. I bought a ton of stuff there. You are right, is ridiculous beyond all words and badlands is OK, but limited everything. Airsoft businesses have difficulty importing, and have to jump through legal hoops to get their stock in. They also run the risk of having shipments upright seized. I am not saying that you should not spend your hard earned money wisely, I am just bringing up something not a lot of people consider.

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