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Just so you know, RAP4 markers are legal in Canada what makes you think they're not? They're not replica firearms, they're paintball markers.
I think if that was the case, we would see more of them, there is definitely a market. From my understanding, their pistols are prohibited. Canada's Rap4's website SOMETIMES has their pistols in stock, but rarely ever. They don't have a lot of their rifles either like the MP5. That is because their FPS is way below the legal minimum and they look and function like real firearms. From an airsoft perspective, take pistols from the US. Check out their FPS in the descriptions of US websites, now look at the Canadian websites for the same brands. Somehow in Canada, they fire an additional 80+ FPS. Must be the weather. The thing is, you just can't BS as much when it comes to paintball. Everybody knows that paintball marker is not firing at 366 out of the box so they are instantly seized.

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