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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
The CM line of rifles use cheap plastic not quality polymer, with lots of flexing. No way you can build a DMR from a CM. The metal gearbox is what holds the guts together, not the body. AEG bearbox internals will break, but not explode shattering your gun.

I read that article in the link, and disagree with the use of bolts on the front of the barrel. It defeats the purpose of the accuracy of a floating barrel within the hand guard. A quality, rigid outer barrel will float with accuracy bolted on to a metal receiver.
You talk as if polymer is somehow better than plastic...

I'm not going to debate about what defines a dmr in Airsoft. What I will say is you can make pretty much any gun shoot very accurately by fixing the air seal and assembling a quality barrel group. Accuracy in Airsoft if pretty mich three things: fps consistency, barrel quality, hop up quality.
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