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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
I think they meant theoretical versus practical knowledge/experience. So for example, giving advice on how to shoulder a firearm when they've never fired before, versus knowing how to shoulder based on practical hands-on experience, which would hold more merit because the former doesn't have experience on the actual kick or anticipation of recoil. They claim to know practical experience, when it's really non-applicable theoretics they're trying to apply.

Speaking as a person whose never handled real steel, I would never give advice on the practical performance of operating one. It's one of those "too big for your breeches" things that makes you seem pretentious when you really don't know jack shit about the thing you're talking about.

Airsoft is another story.
I meant it as . . Guys that get all excited about real steal but have never fired a gun. It's like telling me how awesome the new Nissan 370z handles yet you've never driven a car.
I play airsoft because it's fun as he'll. Not because I get a bone while cleaning my gear. COD gun experts need not apply
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