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Originally Posted by bradmc View Post
Fair enough. Looking for a cheap light blank canvas that can be made to shoot longer and straighter and still somewhat resemble a DMR. Thought about metal, not really interested in having my pot metal gun shattering and spilling $250 in internals all over the ground. If companies offered a CNC rifle, for under 2k I would probably be interested. Polymer seems to be good enough, plus it is extremely light. I have no real interest in spending an extra 300 for a gun that I am going to overhaul anyways. UNLESS, I can make a metal AEG more stable from a performance point of view. I assume polymer will definitely flex more, maybe even vibrate more but if the metal internals are well stabilized inside the shell would that suffice?

Most of my concerns are regarding the build of the 3 guns I listed, and if anybody had any experiences upgrading them. From what I have seen, most people just extend their barrels through the silencer and use them as cradles, presumably insulated to stabilize the barrel. I was just curious if that required any modding or if more silencers cam with enough room to do so.. I am also concerned about how compatible after market barrels are with the average G&G M4 and that way, I don't need to go the silencer route. if these barrels can be had cheap, I wouldn't need to go the R8 route and would still be able to break my gun down easily into a smaller carbine if I wanted.

as for performace, in short, this:

I am not the guys that wants to unrealistically snipe people across the city. I just want to build a "role" gun and have fun with it.

Then again, there is also the g36 V3 gearbox.
The CM line of rifles use cheap plastic not quality polymer, with lots of flexing. No way you can build a DMR from a CM. The metal gearbox is what holds the guts together, not the body. AEG bearbox internals will break, but not explode shattering your gun.

I read that article in the link, and disagree with the use of bolts on the front of the barrel. It defeats the purpose of the accuracy of a floating barrel within the hand guard. A quality, rigid outer barrel will float with accuracy bolted on to a metal receiver.

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