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Just so you know, RAP4 markers are legal in Canada what makes you think they're not? They're not replica firearms, they're paintball markers.

And businesses pop up and fold all the time. It's the nature of the free market. Why prop up a business that provides crap? There was a business that just folded a couple days ago even. Yet there are major players that are still alive and kicking and have been for maybe 10 years or more and have been mainstays in the community for as long as I've been playing (there are some that folded like Apec/Blue Seas and the like but some that are still around).

In another hobby of mine (MTB) I'm all for going to your LBS but if they provide good service. I had an amazing experience at the LBS near my parents place in BC and the one nearby my place in AB they definitely get about 50% of my business. What I can't justify though is the pricing comparison against some online retailers for things, they're always willing to work with me on pricing slightly and they've said that. But sometimes they tell me straight up, go online because we can't match their pricing and make the margins we need. I really like their honesty and the money that I do save from online purchases probably goes into their service department for the more advanced stuff that I can't fix.
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