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What I think too
The news anchor did mention, Unless I misheard (possible as my English isn't 100% spot on), that the suspect was the one who made the initial call to 911 to bring the cops to the McDonald

Clearly a guy who wanted to be shot at

Technically not an idiot then
Just a guy with problems he couldn't solve by himself. Sad
ctv news yesterday ran the story that he had called 911, waved the gun at police, and they didn't shoot, trying to deescalate the situation, after a while he yelled at them for not shooting him, and then drove off because the police at the time were unable to A) clear the line of fire and B) secure the area before he left. Guessing only 1 or 2 cars showed up and they didn't have the manpower to cordon the area, forwhatever reason they didn't think he was serious when they pointed at them.

So from there apparently he went to the border, where the US customs guys shot him.
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