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You know it is a nanny state when somebody comes on a forum and asks about the legalities of importing clothing.

Word of caution, unless you are traveling with the items and can complain to custom officials in person, you should buy it from Canada if it can be helped.

Getting stuff through customs is a dice game and their snatching practices are unbelievably arbitrary. Custom officials DO NOT know the law regarding importing specific "military...looking" paraphernalia and will seize if they feel like it. It is up to you to make the effort to "prove" that you are legally able to import the item and this mean waiting for the letter saying they have your stuff, then you phoning them and pleading your case. Can take months.

I know people that have had mag pouches seized, legal knives and swords seized, I have a gun sling seized from china. Cost 3 bucks. Seized. Yes some people import caches of Rap 4 replica firearms that are strictly prohibited into Canada all the time. Some people have switchblades mailed to them and some people might have a set of salad forks seized. It is all about the customs official that looks in your package...if they do at all.

It sounds really ridiculous but it is the god's honest truth.

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