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Picking CM16 Dmr

So I want to do a DMR build over time and I have been looking into the G&G line up of budget M4s and I need some advice.

I am torn between the Raider, Raider L and the R8-L. I plan on upgrading all internals down to the shell so I am not really concerned with that aspect. I think all models have quick access hop ups.

The Raider has a one piece barrel, and a hokey sight that needs to be dremelled, aside from that is is very compact and could be used in different situations simple by downgrading the spring and swapping the inner barrel. Downside is that it would need a huge suppressor to cover the huge barrel when in DMR mode.

The Raider L has a finicky 2 piece barrel but other than that it is the same deal, but would still require a relatively large suppressor.

Both the Raider and the Raider L have a short shroud and any bipod would be sitting pretty far back which might throw off the balance.

The R8 would only require a short suppressor, has a longer shroud but clocks in at about 100 dollars more than the other 2. This gun is also naturally long and would require additional parts aside from the other upgrades I would be buying for a DMR to be able to use this as a carbine...comfortably.

I cannot actually go and hold these guns since my schedule doesn't allow it and I am pretty far from the nearest store so I have some basic questions and welcome suggestions.

Do after market barrels just screw into the receiver body or does each brand have some strange attachment like my suppressor on my MP5 Sd6? The Raider L would be tempting if I could just buy a cheap 1 piece outer barrel and screw it in.

Are you able to slide extended barrels through most suppressors or does this require modification? Is it unwise to have an additional 200mm of barrel freely floating down a suppressor?

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