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As a society we must keep people accountable for their stupidity, and not restrict everyone because an incident may occur. This guy got shot because he was asking for it, end of story, period, done. It is a tragedy and I feel bad for his family, but this is way it is. I hope they don't start making goofy laws to try and stop people from doing normal, acceptable, everyday things, to prevent us from doing something really stupid. At least he survived to be arrested and pay the penalty. He waived a gun at cop, so he'll probably get 100 years or something.
People will do stupid things no matter what. You can buy a springer pistol from walmart and paint it black. Just cause one guy rode a skateboard down the middle of the road in to oncoming traffic doesn't mean they're going to outlaw skateboards either. I can't see this particular incident having an affect, this guy was clearly out trying to get shot. Maybe he was suicidal, maybe just dumb... who knows. It's an awfully round about way to die though, he probably wanted the publicity.
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