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Originally Posted by siggypoo View Post
For myself, as a beginner, gas blowback was far easier to learn on than electrics. You may want to fiddle around with both types before restricting your main interest to one type.
I've tried a few of both and am now very firmly GBB, though there are many places (and seasons) in which an AEG is far superior. You'll discover for yourself what your pref is. I've naught but GBB now.
This was my findings too. I was never really one for shooting sewing machines (I'm sorry, plzdnthrtme) so I figured why not pick up something I like and make a project of fixing it.

Especially GBB pistols. I find they're simpler to fix, and far less exploding and launching springs. Rifles seem to be more complex, but rewarding when you fix it yourself, especially without major injury via spring. (Dat WE AWSS M4 tho.)
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