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Glock Mag Base Plates in Canada?

Hello, fellow forum users.

After inviting a few family relatives over, I've made a mistake of leaving my WE Glock 17 on my table... After 30 minutes of them "taking a look", the magazine base plate has disappeared. Even after another hour of searching, it is yet to be found. Guess it's a lesson for me not to leave my gear lying in clear sight.

I've been searching for magazine base plates for a Glock (WE G17 to be exact) at Canadian retailers with no luck. I did, however, manage to find a few on eHobbyAsia, yet I'd want to leave that option as a last resort.

Does anyone know if any Canadian (preferably East/Central) retailers carry basic magazine base plates for Glocks (i.e. below)? Nothing fancy, but trades would be sweet nonetheless.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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