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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
If you want real 100% milsim, here's a perfect game:
24 hours.
Tan team is 50 dudes.
You're told to show up to a base where you'll immediately receive further orders.
Wait 4 hours.
Get orders there's a group of 4-6 rebels hold up in a shack 20 miles south of here.
Ride on deuce for 19 miles.
They have RPGs. Walk the last mile.
Show up and there's nobody there.
Go back to base.
wait for orders for 6 hours.
Have a single random mortar land in base, have everyone lose their shit trying to find a mortar team that's already fucked off.
Wait some more.
Get orders to go link up with a battalion that's going to siege a city.
Get to the city, all the work is already done.
Yep, that's pretty much how it is... might I add to that?

Receive warning order for mission, briefing for convoy is in an hour
Show up to briefing 5 minutes early, briefing is actually on other side of the base and was 30 mins ago
Get to briefing late, your crew/vehicle gets stuck with the shittiest tasking in the back of the convoy
Get to location, sit around on standby for four days. Spend time watching movies/playing cards/debating "hot or not", only to find out the mission was cancelled and you've been sitting here for nothing.
Roll out to hook up with convoy to get back to home base, only to find out your Warrant Officer screwed up the date and time, the convoy was leaving on the 9th at 1000hrs, not the 10th at 0900hrs....
Wait another day for convoy, trip that should take three hours takes 12 because you have to check every culvert for IEDs.
Get back to base camp, immediately get jacked up by the first officer you stumble upon on your way to the showers for being unshaven.
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