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Milsim will never be an all encompassing title. There are different levels of airsoft events and MilSim describes about 5% of them.

Milsim is mindset.

As has been posted in this most excellent thread, a MilSIm game is the culmination of a whole series of things that range from Host planning to the expectations of the people attending.

The real "deciding factor" that allows me to decide whether or not a game is something I want to attend is, for lack of a better term, suck factor.

I'm not copping a macho shithead attitude here. The amount of hardship you have to endure to complete a mission or tasking in an airsoft game varies, and thats a good thing. I happen to like the events that I attend to have a high level of all the things that most folks like to avoid:

- long walks
- heavy (but mission realistic) loads
- much time spent NOT shooting
- skills that fall outside a "non milsim" game like:
- navigation
- map reading
- high levels of organization at all levels of command
- realistic ammo counts and resupply
- mission that are pass fail with no fallback options ot extend the event if one side simply sucks

Some of the best events i have been to involved me shooting little, or not at all. The experience of working with my team, taking direction from command, executing orders as best we could given the situation, weather, timing etc, AND CONSCIOUSLY IMMERSING MYSELF into the mission.

The best games I have ever attended have been Brians. He has a knack for crafting a situation that is simple enough for everyone involved to own, but complex enough to challenge everyone. I EXPECT "cheating" at Brians games, because people think outside of the box in real life, and he often pushes those boundaries (to the benefit of the event) so that folks are left thinking as much as they are shooting.

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