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Really long post so I scanned through and picked what sticks out to me as far as milsim goes and what I personally think would be great..

Limited ammo.. Mid caps.. With exception of LMG for support.. As well as possibly support section in depth with more ammo..

Fireteams/sections- not mad dash everyone for themself killem all school kid paintball birthday party..

All this depending on event.. Of course bigger events have chain of command ASC vet would be essentially a platoon cmmd and give fire orders as such..

I'm out now but I did 6 years in the CF I pretty much picture milsim as somewhat like a feild ex or what we would do in a kill house with the wax tip ammo.. I understand its hard to get all this just from guys showing up at let's say a FR game.. But I think it would be cool if some games were more structure based not just green vs tan kinda game.. That's just my 2 cents but of course I know many people who just like to high cap spray and pray kill em all and let off some steam in between COD clan battles!.. And that's cool too what ever floats your boat, sail away

Props for Ricochet on earlier post!

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