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Originally Posted by naminator View Post
I am sorry. The MP5 use either a 15 or 30 round magazine. So does the AK47, G36 and really any gun using a Stanag magazine.

And M4 style guns can use a 100 round Beta mag. So can MP5's, G36 variants and AK47 variants (only 75 actually).

What I am talking about is the ballistic difference between 6mm plastic pellets and a 9mm or 5.56 or 7.62 or whatever. You hit a twig or catch a small just of wind and that round is now a huge distance off target. Not to mention real cap mags loose out on the last 3 rounds unless you fire the gun upside down.

I don't think anywhere in my post I talked about 450 round highcap stanag mags. I think that much is incredibly excessive. However I believe 100-150 round mid caps are agreat balance. You can fire in bursts of 5-10 round without having a plastic laser. Limiting SAW players to 300/400 round of ammo to uphold realism is pointless. If you want realism limit them to ONE full box mag. That way they still have the ability to keep heads down without forcing those players to carry excessively heavy weapons.

There is something wrong with a "military simulation" when a person with a M4/AK47/G36/MP5 can stand next to a person lugging a M60 and both can carry the same amount of ammunition. In real life the person hauling that SAW would be a fomidable force but has a significant weight disadvantage. The person with the M4 has an advantage in the sense that they can carry the same amount of rounds as a SAW gunner with significantly less weight.

Unless you start putting weights in you magazines or vest to simulate the weight of real ammunition, you wont have a true milsim experience.
I wish my M4 could shoot through twigs and walls, but then it wouldn't be a replica and no one would play with me.

Unfortunately regardless what you use in airsoft, either a 9mm beretta, 45 1911, Barrett .50 cal, they are all a spherical 6mm bb.

Also GBBR can shoot all 30 rounds, as well there are AEG mags that have extended followers you can shoot the magazine until it is empty.

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