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Originally Posted by Morfiuss View Post
Did you receive a responds? I just ordered a AK from this site and now the page for the AK that I ordered is gone. This happened within 30 minutes.

I only recieved a generic response saying you have ordered, and this is your order number. It also went into my junk mail folder, so check that if you haven't recived a conf. email. I paid by paypal credit card and it shows the payment has been taken. I've sent an email 3 times to him, no reply at all. I also tried phoning the phone number that comes up when you do a google search of the place, no one answer. According to my account history, I should have the msk by tomorrow, but it still shows it's processing.

If tomorrow the status of the order doesn't change, i'll send him another email and if he doesn't reply by monday, i'll file a charge back with my credit card, I don't want to be waiting 6 weeks for a gun that was supposed to be in stock.
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