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Originally Posted by naminator View Post
Milsim is just that. A Simulation of Military Activities. This means how you gear up, your movements, your speech.

I think capping mags at 30 rounds in the pursuit of "realism" is crap. It is the same thing with video games. Even some of the most realistic games take liberties with how many rounds of ammunition, the types of guns, the speed with you can use them and the amount of bullets you can take to the face before you die. Yet we still play these games (atleast I do).

Realism needs to be balanced with fun. True Milsim would not be fun in anyway. Sacrificing some realism in the name of fun is best. That's why I believe midcaps are fine (real bullets can fire further than 200 feet and go through light underbrush) and that SAW gunners should have 2000 round drum mags (in real life 100+ rounds of ammunition can keep a lot of heads down).
Real cap means the capacity of real steel. 30 rounds is referred to M4 only which is the most popular airsoft assault rifle. If a airsoft gun has a real steel counterpart that has a magazine capacity of 100 rounds then the airsoft version should be limited to that same capacity.

So to answer your post, a airsoft M4 with a 450 round magazine is not realistic. In real steel, I doubt you can stuff 450 rounds into a AR15 magazine.
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