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Originally Posted by shinobii View Post
Sorry for the double post. Figured the General Area would be more relevant so the entire local community hears the news! This has been posted as well under the Airsoft Field Ontario thread as well.

Mach1 Airsoft indoor arena PRICE MATCH is on. We are officially price matching any local airsoft only indoor fields in the GTA!

Just because we've got Ontario's largest and greatest Indoor Airsoft Arena, certainly doesn't mean we have to charge the highest prices.
There are a few out there. If you find a lower posted price or deal being offered then we'll match it. We want as many of you over to the arena as possible. We want your input. We'll ask you questions and get your opinions before we make the BIG renovation to the Arena.
If we find our price match was the missing link to getting the rest of you out to our field then we'll hold the prices indefinitely.

See you at the field!

#mach1airsoft #airsoftdeals #airsoftarena #indoorairsoft #airsofttoronto
Don't assume that all airsoft gun owners hang around this forum.

You should have flyers sent out to all local airsoft stores within 100 km of your field. It would be their benefit for their customers to have a place to play and further promote the sport.

I spoke to a customer shopping at a airsoft store and they didn't even heard about UA which has been around for years. So don't assume.
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