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Ok, let's go to my first review on ASC.

This is gonna be for the TM P226.

I'm gonna be simple in my review for two reasons.

Many of us don't really know about GBB fonctionalities and also, specification.

Second reason is that we use GBB for sidearm : This means secondary fire...

So, first impression ? Real nice. Plastic don't seem to be plastic. Usual by Tokyo Marui Brand. Trademark for one side is Tokyo marui ( Ejection shell port ) the other one, P226 Stainless trademarks. Good to see that they are both, less confusion with a true and an airsoft. Weight ? Without mag, just like a... bottle of water 500 ml. With mag loaded, Mmmm... more heavier that the beretta I think. Great feeling in hands...

Slide impression ? Great shape and seems solid. I saw that the slide rails are mostly plastic... but seems very solid and I don't think I'll break the slide after a few month playing with... Anyway, TM Plastic have always been solide and tough ! My friend Brakoo had a TM Beretta, using Green gas... for a long time, and didn't break at all. He changed his slide not because it was broken, because he wanted to spend more money on airsoft !

When you pull the slide back, slide catch is slightly near the release hammer button... yes there is one ! You won't break your hammer by pressing your trigger and trying to get it at the fly... involving harming someone by trying to safety off your hammer down. But, by the time, you know that slide catch is fairly backward of the hammer release button, so, like everything... get used to.

When you release the slide, I can say that... the gun seems to get some power. Strong movement when you push back the slide to its ready position.

Mags ? Yeah, not CLIP ! Please. There are a bit bigger than TM M92 Berettas. So, involving less freezing mag when you pull the trigger at cold temperature outside. When you got a bigger mag, ( Para ord. 14.45 ) You can use it below 10 degree celcius without a problem. You can check the review at the first post. They tested it at different temperature... and seem they got no problem at all... except the refrigerator one ! :P For leaking, seems solid... same concept that the Beretta one, so... didn't have a problem with those before. I guess you won't have any with these !

Also, good point on those, bbs are hard to load fast, but this mean, when you put a mag in your pocket or mag pouches for handgun, you won't take an empty mag because you got an accidental unloaded mag... glock mags and para mags are $/&?$/ for this... when it touch the bottom of your pouch... it empties bbs... this one won't make that... bbs can't touch the bottom. Design seems to prevent this now !

Shooting ! Yeah, I try it with Green gas. Propane is the same, but I've got a almost empty green gas bottle in my wardrobe so... guess what... Finished it to clear this out !

With one mag, fill, Shot 1 mags, real good. So, you're good to go for game without missing gas during you're firing session ! Mostly of you know that TM has HOP UP version on this one, like others... lol Your hop up on this one don't need to be adjust with allen key... so have a little wheel that you have to spin, left or right, just like AEG on the ejection port... except this one, you have to remove the slide, adjust and replace the slide. I can tell, very accurate. Also, you have a strong blow back when you fired. Not like the Deagle, but pretty much more than the beretta, less than the WA Para ordnance. just a bit less. I can tell you, WA Para ord has a pretty strong blow back. So... P226 goes in second place. Good sound also. Bang !

So, if you want a GBB, don't want to upgrade it at full force, need something strong, and accurate without putting $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. You know, airsoft is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ So... My score to this one is 9/10.

Tru has some for 300$ or can have some ! Cause I took his last ! Hahaha !

Good points ?

Beauty !
Strong plastic TM made !
Strong blow back
Good capacity of gas
Release hammer button ( Prevent Accident )
That's a P226 !
Pricing is good !
There giving a cleaning rod !!! YEAH !!!

Bad points ?

Ok ok ok, it's plastic...
It's not recommended to pull the hammer back with one finger !
You must shoot all bbs to empty your mag... hard to clean... :S
Mmmm... that's all for now !

Hope it's gonna be ok for my review and if you haven't a clear idea of those... hope it's gonna be more clear in your mind.
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