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Browning Hi-Power

So i've been looking at the WE Browning Hi-Power and found it for sale for $180. Im wondering if itsworth it? I know it was reviewed in 2011 and that there was issues with durability. Have those been fixed at all? Is there a better version of it and is there anywhere I can buy it cheaper in Canada?
I know many people will maybe suggest all sorts of alternatives like 1911's, M92's or Glocks and I know there are many of those that are probably better and/or cheaper but I delight in having slightly unusual, not so common guns. My current sidearm is a WinGun 4" revolver which is fine for skirmishing with friends in our own games but I know it has a reputation for firing hard and the nearest airsoft place to me that I know of is Ultimate Airsoft which being indoor means i definitely cant use my revolver. I guess any side arm suggestions would be welcomed 😃
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