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Originally Posted by Red Dot View Post
At the current field I agree maybe a third kill house and extending the second story into parts of the field would be awesome.

To also make the current second story a bit more playable a ladder or 2 into the below back alley would be awesome.
MOAR KILL HOUSES! More than just a third I mean. Four or five would be viable while still having plenty of open space to work with.

He'll yeah on the ladders to second level.

Elaborating on this: on one of more of the kill houses you could get some techmilogically inclined engineer type dood to build a second level. Could have small external staircases as well as an internal ladder. This would mean high to high fighting as well as high to low and vice versa. Makes things much more dynamic.

If doing this on one or two of the complex kill houses you could do one of two things for the lower structures with open rooftops like they have currently:

-have a rule stating no shooting down through open ceilings from upper levels, or

-Get a bunch of cheap translucent plastic panelling (the corrugated stuff is what I'm thinking of) to create ceilings for the kill houses while still allowing in ambient light. Means no enforcing previously said rule an no disputes because people don't know the rule or simply aren't listening and are shooting through pretend ceilings anyway.

One more point of interest would be to set the kill houses in positions so you could create a couple long hallways or corridors that run between a couple of them to add another danger element to the game. Can't run balls to the wall down the hall when there could be guys around every corner or in every doorway and window of the kill houses/structures. This would mean that a couple kill houses could be placed within ten feet of each other to simulate a hallway. The more you have structures close together, the less Rambo acts that take place, and the more technical and paced the gameplay becomes. Just my thoughts (I have many..).
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