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Originally Posted by BioRage View Post
Y'all need a better marketing team. Hire a consultant, like me. :P

Regardless of where you guys are situated now, it's common sense that there's only two local CQB fields.



People will FLOCK to you regardless, before your field opened, people would go to UA from all over, now that Mach1 is there, people will go to you regardless if you expand or not. If you have "Specials" on weekdays too, people will be more encourage to go.

If you do get a big place somewhere remotely close to the city, people will go to you even MORE!

CQB City in the us is 60,000+ SQFT, from current mach1 field, it seems ideal for max players of 10/15 vs 10/15.

Having two separate fields will limit the player base which may be a good or bad thing for players, and not ideally profitable for you guys. If you guys jam pack a location, that's where your profit margin goes up, however your player happiness goes down because it's a crowded cluster storm.

Ideally having one large field be cool, but also unrealistic, as I know rent in GTA for something on that scale would be quite pricey.
+1 for specials on weekdays, I know many people who are interested in trying out airsoft, but can't afford to pay $50+ just to play once, especially when paintball is much, much cheaper (granted they do have a higher volume of people going to them versus airsoft fields).
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