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Ahh.. I gotta say thats pretty ridiculous.. I started this thread oct 31 hoping to get some information on the matter and a week later i was put on hold for breaking the rules? I didnt complain or anything as stated in my posts, and yet i was singled out. Whereas another poster did the same and got verified no problems. Ive messaged a couple admins on the matter if i recall but no one has yet gotten back to me. Also tried to msg my av'er and he did not respond. He did however somewhat respond to me in this thread. I can hardly call this fair. I wasnt expecting such a system to just get into airsoft.. Yea i couldve went and bought a $500 gun by now and just go out and play, but i was more so hoping to get into the classifieds. Ill try messaging admins again. Thanks all.
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