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Recruiting Military veterans with operational injuries.

Pure Predator Airsoft Infantry is recruiting in the Southern Ontario region: London, Kitchener/Waterloo, Stratford.

Our Mission:

The Pure Predator Airsoft Infantry team was created with the goal of reintegrating wounded Military veterans into the civilian society. We are attempting to give vets with 'deployment injuries' a support group that is familiar to them but not part of the military.

Our airsoft team is manned by both civilian players with years of experience and by military veterans with chronic PTSD, combat wounds, as well as permanent injuries suffered during training. This combination of military and civilian players gives our team a unique blend of 'real world combat' experience with 'airsoft savvy'. Our team uses the best tactics from both the civilian and military worlds when we play.

The veterans gain the companionship of a group who 'get it' as well as a the foundation of friendships outside of the military. They have a place to go where they can wear uniforms and equipment they are comfortable in and talk about their experiences in a safe and confidential environment.

Our civilian teammates benefit from the veteran's experience while at the same time teaching and retraining the veterans in airsoft play. This synergy creates an atmosphere that is positive and creative on the field.

So how does our team help the injured veterans? Airsoft allows the veterans to use the skills they were taught in the military in a safe, structured environment. The can show that they needed and highly sought after players.

We encourage vets with both mental and physical disabilities to 'get out there and play'. Airsoft is a game that simulates military combat situations with a 'civilian' twist. No one is hurt, but the veteran can be competitive again on a level playing field. Lacking an arm or a leg isn't a 'disability' to us! We find each player's strengths, and build on them.

Pure Predator are serious when we play, but we play with humour and a relaxed attitude. For us, we play to win - and to heal.

Contact us if you are interested here or through our FB page:
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