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There are new regulations for BB gun? Listen, BB guns and devices like them are very legal already. Current legislation allows for responsible ownership and usage, so why is anything being changed?

Also, I hate to say it, but airsoft guns are BB guns. They are a gun that shoots BBs, period. Due to their function, such as shooting at people, and the fact that they usually resemble a real firearm, they are considered to be a unique category, but it is what it is. Airsoft guns are also considered firearms, but only for certain instances. By dictionary definition many are replicas, but for ones that shoot hard enough to hurt people are not for legal definition.

I think Canada's whole gun legislation needs to be redone from the ground up to make more sense in modern times, but for now it works.
Agreed that the whole thing needs a re-write.
As for this bill, they are not changing any of the definitions, and the status of airguns, including airsoft, will not change.

In the background information provided by Mr. Sopuck, he specifically refers to the recent ONCA Dunn ruling already much discussed, and seeks to proactively prevent owners of airguns from becoming subject to charges of careless storage and transportation pursuant to that ruling.

The general attitude in the airsoft community seems to be that airsoft is not subject to the storage regulations for firearms, but is subject to the section 86(1) requirement of the criminal code to not use, carry, handle, ship, transport or store a firearm carelessly.

This bill will exempt airguns from that requirement. I think its a good thing, although some might be inclined to argue its unnecessary.

For those having trouble with the link, here is the substance of the bill in its entirety. It is only one section.

1. Section 84 of the Criminal Code is amended by adding the following after subsection (3.1):
(3.2) For the purposes of section 86 and the provisions of the Firearms Act as they relate to the transportation and storage of firearms, a barrelled weapon is deemed not to be a firearm if it is proved that the weapon is not designed or adapted to discharge

(a) a shot, bullet or other projectile at a muzzle velocity exceeding 152.4 m per second or at a muzzle energy exceeding 5.7 Joules; or

(b) a shot, bullet or other projectile that is designed or adapted to attain a velocity exceeding 152.4 m per second or an energy exceeding 5.7 Joules.
Unfortunately, private members bills don't have a strong track record of getting very far in parliament.

If you support the bill, you should let your member of parliament know it. For that matter, if you DON'T support the bill, you should let your MP and Mr. Sopuck know it, and why.

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