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Sorry, not everything I wrote was directed at you but at some of the things said in this thread. It just seems that more people are more worried about the fact of who was to blame than the fact that this is a tragedy regardless of blame.

No one in this scenario did it all right. People make mistakes every day, just that this time there was a tragic accident because of it.

I don't know the police officer in question, neither do you. Making general comments about all cops because of a few situations you've been in is wrong. I've dealt with many cops, have 2 good friends who are cops and they are like anyone else. There are good ones and bad ones. They are stuck in a shitty job where they are rarely praised for what they do but are under scrutiny all the time with the media and a lot of others just waiting for them to make a mistake.

I have a good friend who's a social worker, she has had to in the past take kids away from homes that were considered dangerous and/or unhealthy for the child. She always goes with a police escort. Now those cops are specifically trained to deal with children because that's their main responsibility.

I'm just saying that I think with the media and everything else, it seems like we look at incidents like this and it's too easy to miss the human factor. There are camera's everywhere, social media makes it so easy to judge. I have never been in a situation like that and hope I never am. Until I am however, I will reserve judgement on anyones actions because I wasn't there. A camera can only show what happened, not why or what people are thinking.
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