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Originally Posted by waylander View Post
Again guys.... in the end keep in mind that a 12 year old child is dead... dead... do you understand? This is someones son, nephew, grandchild, brother... there is no excuse for calling him names, he has already paid the price and is dead for it.

This is sad and tragic but the best we can do is try to learn from it, not bash the people involved. What the hell happened to compassion?
I'm not blaming the kid but the man who call the cops instead of asking one simple question.

If he was that scarded why didn't he run away insted of calling cop while being at less than 50m of the kid.

I do fully understand what death is. I lost a sister to a drunk driver. I also got kid and one of my worst fear is that some old coot call the cops on her one day for no good reason because he is to afraid to ask simple question. Like:" What are you doing?"

Cops are about the worst entity do deal with kids. I know, I've been arrased enough by stupids person that thougth that dressing in Blue make them better that anyone else. They are only good at creating a confrontation climate where nobody is winner.

I'm not calling name when I'm stating fact that the guy who call the cop was to much of a coward to ask one freaking question to a kid. I definitly blame the man who call the cop because there was no indication that his life was theathen. Unless you consider all kids to bad person to start with.

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