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What happen to talking to each other... I don't want to blame the cop too much altough I still think doesn't have what it take to be a cop. But I feel the old guy who call 911 is the stupid one in this story. How about saying something like: Hey Kid, you seem to have a nice looking gun it is real? Then you have answer. Then when you know it's a fake you can tell him that this thing could have kill by playing with it in public.

The kid has been playing with is bb gun for 5 minutes in front of him. If he was to kill that old man, he would have done it before he even call the cops.

Peolple are so stupid know a day. Always relly on some form autority. What happen to take matters in your own hands. This guy is so pathetic he'd rather have a kid killed than talk to him.
Let's keep in mind this is the US, where everyone and their dog has a gun or two or three or fifty.... In Canada, ya it's pretty safe to assume it's a toy gun. In the US? In some cities it's not safe to assume that... actually it's almost guaranteed that it's real. Not saying Cleveland is one of those places but if I was a cop in a US city I wouldn't take any chances. Enough people who have taken matters in to their own hands have been killed for doing so, probably why a lot of people won't now.

Again guys.... in the end keep in mind that a 12 year old child is dead... dead... do you understand? This is someones son, nephew, grandchild, brother... there is no excuse for calling him names, he has already paid the price and is dead for it.

The cop is probably going through hell and back, he killed a child with a toy gun. Even if he's cleared and it's a good shooting he still has to live with the fact that he took the life of a 12 year old child. If he is a good man, and we have no reason to believe otherwise, he's going through enough anguish that we don't need to be second guessing his actions. I wasn't there. You weren't there. We can speculate all we want to.

This is sad and tragic but the best we can do is try to learn from it, not bash the people involved. What the hell happened to compassion?

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