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Originally Posted by waylander View Post
This is sad from all sides... let's not try and place blame anywhere.
Actually blame does need to be placed or things like this keep happening. This isn't some random event, wrong place at the wrong time: it happened for very clear and distinct reasons.

And if some information wasn't passed along to the cop, the bulk of the blame does lie on the kid who was reportedly pointing it at people passing by (the reason cops were called in the first place), failing to comply with LEO (pretty fucking typical these days in the US among certain socio-economic groups: not wanting to roll down their windows for what would otherwise be a routine traffic stop, etc), reaching for the gun, etc.

Not everything is the cops' faults. "Might be a toy gun" doesn't mean "absolutely for certain isn't a real gun" either.

A friend who probably got it from an adult in his household.
Or a friend just had it. Its the US, airsoft there is plagued with prepubescent kiddies.

The kid is 12, he's used to playing guns, cops and robbers... etc. with his friends. He probably thought he was playing another game.
What? Was he mentally handicapped too?

He was 12, not 5 or a dog. By the time you're 12 you should be able to wrap your brain around the concept that when the cops show up its not a game.

I don't blame the kid for what happened or the cop for what happened. This is purely the fault of whoever owned that gun, removed the orange tip then left it around for a child to grab who then thought it was so awesome that he showed it to his friend who was then unfortunate enough to have a cop appear on the scene.
You're assuming the gun wasn't his or a friend's (and yes it could have been his, we all had stuff our parents didn't know about when we were kids) and even if someone left it someplace accessible (and honestly at that age anything that isn't heavily locked down is "accessible") there was some serious behavioral problems: taking it in public is dumb, but I'll let it slide for a kid; pointing it at people? That's a major failure in judgement. Not listening to LEO? That one is really asking for trouble.

Blaming the owner of the gun is like blaming the owner of a car that got borrowed by someone who ends up driving under the influence and killing someone.

Blame bad parenting. Heck, blame an entertainment sub-culture that promotes thuggishness and general dumbassery in the name of sticking it to "the man." But the owner of the gun? Not unless he handed it to the kid and said "go forth and wreck havoc on the playground with this."

I have spoken with my own kids about gun safety because I own airsoft guns and my kids uncle (on my ex-wifes side) owns real pistols. This should be the responsibility of every parent because you never know when they might encounter a gun, real or toy.

I was given my first pellet gun when I was about 7 or 8. It wasn't just given to me to go run around willy-nilly with. And I knew to respect LEO authority, but I never needed to because I never created a situation where LE had to be called on me.

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it's Cleveland guys...
So that makes it okay?
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