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Originally Posted by Skeletor View Post
Why should an admin close the thread now? So that you can have the last word? You'd like that, I bet.

You're getting so much hostility because you're coming in here and trying to tell us our business, despite having zero experience with it yourself.

Seriously, what did you think was going to happen?

CameronSS: "Welp, all your airsoft guns are illegal now because *reasons,* lol. Sucks for you."

Airsoft Community: "Really? Thanks for telling us! Guess we'll go start pinning our mags now!"

Is that what you expected?

If everything is suddenly illegal, why have none of the many Ontarian retailers who post here said anything about raids or court orders, or even that they are worried? Why haven't the RCMP said anything about new enforcement rules, or the CBSA for that matter?

I have to hand it to you, this is a great troll. But until something actually happens (like any of the above from the agencies that actually enforce the law) it appears that you are wrong.
I could care less who has the last word, and it seems to be common practice that the mod who locks the thread gets the last word anyways, so I have no expectation that it wouldn't be the case here.

I think this conversation has run its course. Everyone has stated their opinion, no one seems particularly willing to change their mind, and there doesn't seem to be anyone providing any new information. Several others have already suggested as much, I was just finally agreeing with them.

Also, the airsoft community has not been nearly as unanimous in their response as you suggest.

I also never said sucks for you or anything of the sort. Its also a bit of a stretch to read that I am new to the forum, and at the time, not owning any airsoft guns, and yet somehow have zero experience.

I fully admit that I could be wrong. I hope I am, but hope is not a reasonable course of action. Asides from the lack of enforcement that you correctly point out, no one has convincingly articulated a legal basis for WHY I am wrong.

Several times now people have indicated that the law remains unchanged since 2012, yet no one has even been able to substantiate what DID change in 2012.

As for the lack of enforcement, there are lots of possible reasons for why no one has enforced anything yet, that have nothing to do with having a different understanding of the law. Perhaps they are merely waiting for their own internal legal departments to conduct their own review before deciding how to act. Its been three weeks since the appeal process concluded with the SCC ruling, meaning the law set down in 2013 will not change until the issue comes before another court, on a different set of facts, and is modified or overturned. In some cases it has taken the RCMP years to decide how to enforce a particular issue that comes to their attention.

Also, all of the agencies you have listed have finite resources for enforcement, and often set priorities based on what they think is most important, and may feel as though they have bigger fish to fry than airsoft owners. If you want an example, look at the rampant speeding on our highways.

Even IF I am right, I hope they never apply the law in the way that I have interpreted, and wish no ill will to the airsoft community, of which I am now a member.

I certainly didn't expect to be welcomed with open arms while being a new member expressing controversial opinions. Most of the 'reactions' are also pretty consistent with what I've seen on other forums, and the internets generally.

The only thing I really expected was that there would be a number of people who could quote some actual law to support their views, instead of conjecture, unreliable sources and faulty logic, and asides from a very few notable exceptions, I've been disappointed.

Drake is really the only one who I've seen that has provided any consistent legal basis for his views, and we've found more than a few points of agreement on certain matters.

Notably, that the retailers will likely be the first victims of any shot across the bow. Until then, we will just have to wait and see.
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