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Originally Posted by podpharmer View Post

and he completely jumped over the part where I clearly stated FOR EXAMPLE because it is a real world example that happens every day that counters his logic
You overestimate the value of your example.

He was just butthurt because his argument got shot down in flames
all I did was counter his argument with logic.
Shot down in flames? Sorry, dude, I forgot more about the nuances of airguns and law since this morning than you know. I fought the CBSA on this issue a decade ago, when the law was much less clear, and procedure and law didn't meet.

Just another Johnny Comr Lately telling us his opinion.

the Supreme court of Canada said they are (over 214fps) and if you think that the scc ruling does not matter and only the letter of the law does then why do Quebec citizens still have to register non restricted firearms even though the law clearly says they dont have to? that's where the difference between the real world and the letter of the law differ. and I just laid out real world examples that happen every day.
News flash.

Bill C-19 applies to all of Canada, including Quebec. The SCC enjoined Ottawa from implementation in Quebec until arguments are heard and a ruling is made. That is all. It does not mean it is not law in Quebec. It means the law is suspended for now.

I also laid out real world examples that happen everyday. If you actually knew anything about airsoft guns, what they are, how they work, what we do with them, you might understand.

If you had bothered to read the law, it is quite clear.
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