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So let me get this straight, you have no legal background except for reading a lawyers blog? You have no formal training or education in legal practice, nor experience in street or judicial levels of application. Your primary source of information is a single lawyer? You do realize that lawyers often tend to cut their own objectives with law for personal gain via success in court right? Or at the very least in making documents that can twist and suggest many legal things to ward off people from "suspecting" what they say? This is why I've suggested you brush up on your "Bad Faith".

Your second point is to bring up a case that did not clarify the status of a deact being replica or not, but instead a case where the process of deactivation was questioned? That still does not let you slide from your own interpretation of law. You're saying that there are no "non-regulated firearm". A case that also occurred in 2006.

Now you've created several holes in your own position of legal barter with your own example. You stance has been that the most recent ruling from the SC has changed the stances of firearms in Canada; that would put new precedent and make any previous precedents to being changed. As you're now suggesting there is no longer such a thing as "unregulated". That said, this would now mean that like Airguns, dewat's would be open to new scrutiny. By application of YOUR understanding, dewat's now no longer fall under non-regulated; by view of it not existing. Seeing as very few dewat's were restricted, and most likely to be prohib items or at least restricted in some cases; the dewat would be reclassified. Because you're stating that this ruling has changed the entire classification system and application of laws regarding them. Did you or any other point this dewat at a fellow cast member? Were they properly secured in locked cases with action or trigger locks in addition?

And you still haven't answered to antique firearms, these are non-regulated as well provided they were manufactured prior to a certain date.

TBH I vote for userban.

- Profile created Nov 2014 ((How convenient to hide))
- Consistently shows disregard towards individuals who spend a great deal more time researching the INDIVIDUAL laws that apply to their hobby/business.
- Makes a claim to legal background but can't back it, and the response is pitifully lacking in ability to own up to not having said background.
- Tries to strawman his way out with a case reference that has no relation to the argument trying to even make?
- Because everything you're spouting is false flagged. You're reading ONE lawyer; where the CSSA consults PLENTY of them and I've yet to receive or hear anyone receiving from them that my airguns are now firearms. That my airsoft and/or paintball guns are now firearms. Also as stated before in previous arguments it covers any "airguns" so there goes a MASSIVE part of my pneumatic tools; many of them have barrels less than 4.25" so I gotta get me a Prohib license now!

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