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Originally Posted by Dynamo View Post
can this thread be closed already? do we really need more know nothing know it alls fanning the flames of ignorance in here?
If you don't like it then why do you keep coming back other then to complain?

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oh my god there's another one
remember don't feed the trolls
I had posted

Originally Posted by podpharmer View Post
police let people go all the time for minor crimes (small amount of weed for example) so by your reasoning weed is legal.
and he completely jumped over the part where I clearly stated FOR EXAMPLE because it is a real world example that happens every day that counters his logic

and he responded with

Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
This has nothing to do with weed.
He was just butthurt because his argument got shot down in flames
all I did was counter his argument with logic.

Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post

You are implying that all airguns are firearms all the time for all purposes, with no exceptions. The law says otherwise.
the Supreme court of Canada said they are (over 214fps) and if you think that the scc ruling does not matter and only the letter of the law does then why do Quebec citizens still have to register non restricted firearms even though the law clearly says they dont have to? that's where the difference between the real world and the letter of the law differ. and I just laid out real world examples that happen every day.

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