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I doubt he had proper permission.. AN has some strict weapons rules. People sneak shit in all the time, hard to get all the staff and volunteers on the same page when you're dealing with 20k people a day.

I was there one year where 2 retards had water guns and they decided to start a water gun fight in the artist's auction room and destroyed a lot of original artwork.

A no weapons policy is the easiest to enforce. You see it, you escort them off the property.

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Actually I was at Anime North this year and there was one volunteer who cosplayed as a STAR officer from Resident Evil. He had an M4 with an orange flash, wasn't clearsoft. I was surprised too.
Quoted from the AN policy page:

Costumes, Weapons and Large Props
Anime North has a strict policy about weapons, real or costume, and large props carried as part of costumes. All attendees are required to read and follow the rules if they wish to carry weapons or props at the con. Failure to do so will result in warnings, removal from the convention, and further action where appropriate.

All weapons or large props must be checked and authorized by the Weapons Masters at the Weapons Registration tables at the TCC. Upon approval, the weapon(s) will be bonded and your convention badge marked accordingly.

Live firearms, weapons prohibited by Canadian law, replicas of contemporary firearms, props made of metal and yaoi paddles are all banned at Anime North.

All weapons must be holstered, sheathed, or slung except while posing for photos. All props must be carried safely and under your control.

Horseplay, careless or unsafe use of props, drawing of weapons, or the use of props to threaten persons or disrupt the peace of the convention will not be tolerated and could result in removal from the convention and further legal action.

Operations Services and Con Staff have the right to inspect any prop or weapon on request and take action where necessary.

The complete list of rules is available on the Cosplay Events page under Weapons and Large Props Rules, Regulations, and Liability Limitations or from the Weapons Masters Registration tables at the TCC.

Any modern firearm lookalike, even airsoft would be in violation of the spirit of the rule.
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