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I'm planning to attend an anime convention in the US around February and am currently looking at bringing an replica Remington MSR with me. I will be flying with Porter airlines and am at a loss about whether it is a good idea to take this with me. Though it is not a real firearm, I'm sure many airline/government officials may mistaken it as the real thing, however, I don't think I can also declare it as a real firearm. I called Porter airlines about it and they said I should be good to go. However, I am also aware of the Canadian replica firearms laws and I'm not too keen to see all my hardwork thrown away. Can anyone shed some light on my situation?

For reference, here is a photo of the MSR I built:

The prop is made up of wood and plastic.
Most comic/anime/scfi/fantasy conventions have pretty specific rulings on what you can and can't carry.

Really it boils down to the discretion of the weapons master for the convention and the security staff at the facility hosting it.

I work at about 35 of these things a year all over the country and I can tell you this. No two cons have the same weapons policy.

As for traveling with it. As far as the CBSA is concerned that thing is a non-firing replica. I didn't even realize it was hand made until I reread your post. Kudos on the craftsmanship but I wouldn't bring it outside our borders
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